Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fishing the Florida Panhandle--Now

Is winter fishing slow?  Yes, and there are weekend anglers that believe satisfaction is only achieved on a clear day, with clear (and warm) water.  If that's your thing, you'll have to wait a couple more months.    But for the serious angler that's up for a challenge, winter and early spring excursions can result in some of the best fishing ever.

In the Florida Panhandle, plenty of trout and reds are being reported. If  you know where and when to fish, great.  If not, hire a local guide.  Guides provide priceless knowledge for tourists and local residents with endless possibilities that one may not normally experience.  My suggestion is to look around for a half-day trip and don't be reluctant to request references.

For a full day guided trip, ask if there are options to see the area by boat should the fish not be biting.  Not popular with all guides, but some will accommodate.  Depending on where you are and the weather, this could include viewing nesting birds, real estate, or historical light houses.

If you are determined to keep a line in the water, a falling tide is your best bet.  Boats are lined up around bridges, passes, and channels.  Try a jig with little movement, in deep water, all with a good drift.

If you're lucky and get on top of them, you'll never again say winter fishing is slow.  Be prepared and have the stamina to handle the challenge.  

Try something different, expand your knowledge and technique, and remember to consider a guide.

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