Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fishing Fall's Change

On October 18, I couldn't decide whether to load the boat, pack the cooler, check the trailer, and get out on the water or stay home with regret.  Normally, nothing would stay between me and the Panhandle bay; however, the wind was blowing and the tide was low in 45 minutes.  This meant to fish the falling tide I needed to hustle.  In record speed I was on my way.

Launching and loading in the wind can be tricky when alone.  Without incident, I navigated the exposed and unexposed oyster bars.  Made it!  I headed towards the back of the island hoping that the pines would block most of the Southwest winds.

When fishing the grass flats or edges of the oyster bars, I prefer a nice drift.  Lures of old standby red-headed MirrOlure for sight and action.  Today, I will also try a "Penny" Gulp to bump along the bottom with the drift.

A few mishaps, a lot of moving for that perfect spot in wind and tide rise, and a lot of beautiful wildlife. An eagle, an oyster catcher, and a sea turtle distract me during the day.  

My first catch 'and release' was a 14.5 speck.  Fun but back in the water it went.  Moving on to a new spot, I select the back of the island where I find a large school of lady fish.  Oh my!  Need to move and quickly avoid the frenzy and blood that comes with hooking these gems.

My last spot--the edge of an exposed oyster bar with a quick depth to 6-8 ft.  I decide to anchor, open a beverage, and take in the day.  

The sun is a warm golden tone that has eased out over the water from its normal summer position.  Even though I am in sight of three other boats, there is a sense of quiet.  Until, my rod with the Penny is buzzing.  Oh yes, I lost the MirrOlure a while back and decided to replace with a gold spoon which I am working back and forth.  I quickly put this tackle aside and reach for the buzzing reel.  Too late!  I return to the gold spoon knowing that it is doing nothing sitting on the bottom to find a huge Red struggling to release the lure right at the boat! The red won!

So, one trout, numerous lady fish, and one almost landed red fish are safe with me and remain in the water.  It's time to head for home.  Without incident, I trailer, head home for my day's stories.  Hours later, I capture the impending front of Fall's Change.

I'll get'em tomorrow!

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